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Here is the text and photos of the ginseng production process in Russia. Ginseng and technological processes.

Methods of growing ginseng peculiar and time-consuming, because of its biological characteristics. In General, it is: high demands for fertility and aeration of the soil, as well as high humidity, sensitivity to direct sunlight, a long period of dormancy of seeds, slow growth and development of plants, exposure to their diseases.

For the successful cultivation of ginseng is essential to create during the growing season and wintering of microclimate and soil conditions close to natural. As a woodland plant shady and well-drained habitats, the ginseng is grown in raised beds under presentername structures.

Ginseng is propagated by seed. To obtain shoots in the year of sowing seeds stratified. The culture of ginseng are seedling method-the method of transplantation one-year-old roots, grown from seed in the nursery. On the plantation roots grow 4-6 years and removed when they reach the age of 6-7 years. Seeds are harvested from fruiting four-seven-year-old plants.

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