Пожалуйста, разверните ваше устройство вертикально

Russian Ginseng Corporation is the only company in Russia that specializes in the sale of high-quality ginseng root and other medicinal roots and plants grown in Russia.

Russia, its vast territory, allows to cultivate rare medicinal plants without the use of chemical technologies, including GINSENG, in which the amount of PANAXOSIDES is not inferior to the wild.

We named our company and shop in honor of the king of medicinal plants GINSENG-the root of life! The composition of which can be compared with the range of pharmacies! It is more than 100 biological active substances and compounds.

We do not aim to impose our unique products on you. We promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage everyone to go to the nature, which is meticulously and diligently provided us with everything we need for our healthy longevity!

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