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Goods with ginseng

For those who cares about their health, the "root of life and longevity" is an excellent assistant. The natural strength of Ginseng is so great and diverse that it starts to bring results from the first days, positively influencing your working capacity and improving the overall physical well-being.

Interesting facts

Nature has endowed us with numerous priceless gifts, one of the most striking examples is ginseng, which can cure numerous diseases much faster and more efficiently than advanced drugs presented in pharmacies. The scientific name of ginseng is Panax ginseng or "panacea" - from Greek it is translated as "heals everything". Scientists from all over the world discover new and new useful properties of this amazing plant. Here are the 7 most interesting facts about ginseng:

  • Elixir of youth and health

    Ginseng in traditional medicine occupies an honorable place.
    Since ancient times, people have noticed that with regular use of ginseng, the aging process slows down and a person not only lives much longer, but also feels a few years younger.
    That is why the GINSENG became known as — the elixir of youth. This is due to its positive impact on the body, which is different multidirectional and multifunctional.

  • Fresh breath

    Six years ago, Chinese scientists proved that with the regular use of food supplements with ginseng extract, you can completely get rid of bad breath, even in the morning. The fact is that this plant is a real enemy of bacteria, which, as a result of their activity, cause an unpleasant smell. In just a month of regular intake of ginseng, you can forever get rid of this non-fatal, but unpleasant ailment!

  • The charge of energy for the whole day

    It is proved that the use of ginseng on a regular basis helps people to save energy, since the plant is a kind of “natural charge” for the body. Also, medicines and vitamins with ginseng extract allow patients with different types of tumors to find new strengths to fight a terrible disease.

  • Improve lung function

    Scientists have been conducting similar experiments on mice for many years, which give stunning results. While the currently known means of fighting asthma cope with this disease, but cause serious side effects, such as cataracts and osteoporosis.

  • Improvement of potency

    The root of ginseng is rich in various useful substances, among which it is necessary to allocate saponins separately. Each type of saponin has medicinal properties. But only one of them – the saponin Rg 1 has a unique quality to influence positively the activity of the male genitourinary system and the sexual life. The complex effect of ginseng on the body of men allows you to achieve a significant increase in the quality of potency.

  • Help with allergies

    Participants in the experiment, conducted in 2010 by scientists from the United States, suffered from various forms of allergy. Within a week of regular intake of fermented ginseng, they all noted that the inflammatory processes began to wane, regaining normal state of health.

  • Weight loss, fight with obesity

    Numerous experiments have shown that if you eat ginseng, you can lose weight. The reason for this is a substance called ginsenoside Rg3, which suppresses the fat-storing cells.

  • Prevention of influenza

    Ginseng has immune stimulating properties, thanks to which, with its daily use, you can prevent influenza A or ease the course of the disease, as the inflammatory processes in the body decrease, and epithelial cells are restored much faster than under the influence of medications.

Любые лекарственные травы при бесконтрольном приеме могут оказать вред организму. Перед применением женьшеня в лечебных целях проконсультируйтесь с врачом.

Beauty and rejuvenation

Ginseng is a real godsend for cosmetologists. There are hundreds of recipes for various masks, creams, shampoos and balms, which are known for beneficial effect on appearance, improving the skin and saturating hair with trace elements. Scientists have proved that regular use of ginseng can slow down the aging processes, which is overlooked by women from all over the world. The fact is that bad ecology and stresses affect our body very much, due to which the cells begin to share much more slowly. The ability of tissues to self-renew is also reduced. It is proved that ginseng is able to resume normal life of cells and restore their ability to self-renewal. But, unfortunately, it is still a secret for scientists what exactly substances have endowed the plant with such fantastic features.

What scientists say

Ginseng is able to relieve or alleviate the course of many diseases in which medicines are powerless, or cause negative consequences for the human body. In Sino-Tibetan medicine there is a large number of ancient medical prescriptions, information and method of preparation of which is kept in strictest secrecy.

Ginseng is a medicine

Ginseng is a medicine

In Russia ginseng is officially recognized as a medicine that can save a person from numerous diseases. Many specialists are engaged in studying of this amazing plant. Every year we find more and more healing properties that allow us to say with confidence that ginseng is rightly called “the root of youth, health and strength.”

Scientists have proved that even a single intake of the extract of the plant root can improve performance, improve the general condition of the body, relieve insomnia and have a stimulating effect.

Studies of ancient scientists

Studies of ancient scientists

Ginseng has been known as a medicine for more than five thousand years. At the same time, the first mention of the benefits of this beautiful plant appeared in the medical-historical documents of China. The main source of knowledge about healthful medicines was the book of the Chinese pharmacologist and physician Li Shih-Chen, released in fifty-two volumes at the end of the 16th century. The author spent about twenty-seven years writing it, studying and testing the plant everywhere.

A well-known thinker and scientist, Avicenna, described the properties of ginseng in his book. Since ancient times, scientists from many countries of the world have carefully studied the properties of ginseng, and every year reveal new positive aspects in the application of this plant.

  • Carl Linnaeus

    “Ginseng – a cure for all diseases”

  • VC. Arsenyev

    As proof of the extraordinary healing power of ginseng at the beginning of the last century, Carl Linnaeus wrote:
    “Indeed, it is difficult to admit that all Koreans and Chinese with a population of about five hundred million are mistaken.

Professional Sports

Marketing research has shown that the use of ginseng in professional sports brought the sports market last year about 500 million rubles. Impressive figure, is not it? But it is worthwhile to think about youth, children, veterans and amateur sports, data on the use of ginseng in which were not taken into account. Sports doctors have gained wide experience in the application of ginseng, and actively use it in our time to train professional sportsmen of various sports before the competition. The first impressive facts about the influence of ginseng on athletes from various countries of the world are already known. For example, last year, a Russian athlete who took part in the Kyokushinkai competition in Japan won a gold medal and became the absolute champion. Chkhoe Tkhe Sop is the most famous Chinese scientist who proved that the working capacity of the body and the duration of repeated physical work increases to 123% in athletes who regularly take drugs containing ginseng extract and its root, while people who do not take ginseng showed only 92%. From this it is necessary to draw a conclusion that the plant really brings huge benefits to athletes. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the use of ginseng leads to a reduction in the possibility of injury during the competition. Also, the great potential for the use of ginseng in professional sports is associated with its unique detoxification properties.

Yoga and ginseng

Eastern countries, where the ginseng root was first discovered, try to preserve the most valuable recipes received from their ancestors more than five thousand years ago. Nevertheless, the "root of health and longevity" is now widely used in various medical preparations and cosmetic products around the world. Modern life is accompanied by frequent stressful situations. We feel irritation, insecurity, fear and fatigue almost daily. One of the easiest and most effective way to relax is the ancient Eastern practice, called "yoga." The root of ginseng is widely used in yoga, as it allows you to achieve the special harmony of the human body and the feelings that you experience. Ginseng can be used as a tincture or tea.

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